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We are Humanities

How do you tell the story of eighteenth-century princesses? What makes a fish a fish? More on this and other intriguing stories of our faculty can be found on this page!

New podcast (in Dutch): Open Geesten

In the podcast 'Open Geesten' we look at the research of our historians and how they connect historical events and persons to modern society. In short: what can the past tell us about the present? In the fist episode, Joost Welten talks about his research on the 'forgotten princesses of Thorn' and takes us backstage at the exhibition of the same name in the Limburgs Museum, of which he is guest curator.

More information on the 'Open Geesten' podcast can be found here (Dutch)

Didi van Trijp researches: When is a fish a fish?

Bird, butterfly, fish: when you look through a children’s book, you usually don’t think about the fact that humans divided these animals, depicted in bright colours, into categories. Yet, this division has been discussed for centuries. In her PhD dissertation, Didi van Trijp shows how natural scientists looked at definitions in the eighteenth century. When is a fish a fish?

Read the full article on the research of Didi van Trijp

In Perspective

'In Perspective' is the quarterly publication of the Faculty of Humanities in which we bundle some of our most high-profile stories

On the 'We are Humanities' dossier

The Faculty of Humanities consist of various academic fields. What is the common ground of all these different academics and students? They tell their story and why it matters in today’s world in 'We are Humanities'.

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