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Urban Studies (BA)

A day in the life

What is it like to study Urban Studies in The Hague? Alexandra Knight, first-year student, describes what a typical day looks like for her.

Alexandra Knight

First-year student

Alexandra Knight

An insight in my schedule:


I usually get up between seven and eight o’clock. I like taking time for breakfast and preparing my day in the morning.


I meet up with my group to prepare a study project.


We have a lecture for the course ‘The Material City’. It’s about all the materials present in cities, how this affects biodiversity, wellbeing of citizens and the urban landscape. It looks into making cities sustainable, through for instance recycling, and infrastructure.


Mostly, after a lecture, we have a workgroup of the same course. In it, we discuss topics more in depth and we do group assignments. It’s interactive and fun!


I’m a volunteer at ‘Conscious Kitchen’. Which is a small voluntary organisation that aims to reduce food waste. Today, we will go to the market and pick up food, which is thrown out by vendors. Then, we bring it to the place where we will cook a sustainable meal for volunteers and guests tomorrow.


Dinner at home in Leiden with my boyfriend.


We usually watch a TV show before going to bed at ten.

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