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Security Studies (BSc)

Security challenges such as terrorism and cybercrime rank among the most pressing issues of our time. In the Bachelor’s in Security Studies you study 21st century security challenges and learn to devise strategic solutions to a complex world.

Nina Bruin

Third year student

Nina Bruin

"In my opinion, the Bachelor Security Studies is vital in our current-day society. Topics range from terrorism to climate change, from organisational crime to war and peacebuilding, from cybersecurity to nuclear safety. The range of subjects is complemented by the fact that this programme takes an interdisciplinary approach. You study the topics from various perspectives; political science, law, economics, and so on. If these topics and disciplines spark your interest, then the Bachelor Security Studies may be a good fit for you."

Arnaldo Rabolini


Arnaldo Rabolini

"From inter-state wars to terrorism, cybersecurity or nuclear accidents, the Bachelor programme Security Studies offers the possibility to study a wide variety of relevant security and safety issues. The interdisciplinary approach, as well as the unique teaching method that combines lectures and small classrooms, allows students to develop the intellectual flexibility and critical thinking that is necessary to tackle today’s increasingly complex security related phenomena and their impact on societies"

Martijn Bergmann


Martijn Bergmann

"Contemporary safety and security issues are all around us, though not always apparent. The bachelor programme Security Studies gives you the tools to analyze various safety and security issues ranging from forms of terrorism and cyber security to how a global crisis affects the safety and security of a society. Not only do you get the tools to study and analyze these issues, but you will also get to apply them during interactive workgroups. This ensures that you will be a well-rounded safety and security expert by the end of the programme."

Why study Security Studies?

International terrorism, cybercrime, natural disasters and other issues affect the security and safety of millions each day. In Security Studies you learn to unravel security challenges by focusing on the political, historical and societal context in which they arise, as well as the effect of governance, institutions, and the media. You gain an academic perspective, and the ability to think critically about complex issues while taking all relevant factors of specific security challenges into account.

In this bachelor programme you will also study various crises and crisis management. Crises are unforeseen situations which require impactful decisions in times of stress and chaos. How do governments and private actors work together to prevent, response to, and recover from crises such as natural disasters and pandemics? For example, in the course Case study: Fukushima, students will look into the Fukushima nuclear disaster that happened in 2011 in Japan and in the course Vital interests we will further discuss the SARS epidemic. 

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Why Security Studies at Leiden University?

This English-taught programme challenges you to combine critical thinking with a practical attitude and helps you to develop into an all-round, academically trained, highly employable security specialist.

  • International community
  • Interdisciplinary approach security and safety challenge
  • Research-led and practice-oriented
  • Three-step teaching philosophy: Explore, Understand and Do
  • Combination of lectures and skills labs; where academic and professional skills are trained in small groups
  • Taught in the Centre of The Hague; the international City of Peace, Justice and Security

Is this the programme for you?

  • Do you read the international news with interest, seeking the interaction between global (security) events and their effect upon people, nations and organisations?
  • Are you an engaged and curious critical thinker?
  • Are you stimulated to find solutions to the crucial security and safety issues that arise every day?
  • Do you want to learn from leading academics and security professionals?

Then the Bachelor’s in Security Studies is for you!

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