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Security Studies (BSc)

Programme structure

Throughout your 3-year Security Studies programme you explore the effects of events (such as war or natural disaster), understand them via relevant academic perspectives, and actively design strategies and solutions to resulting security challenges.

Programme outline

At every stage of the Bachelor’s of Security Studies, you will learn by ‘exploring, understanding, and doing’ security. This means that, throughout the programme, you will:

  • explore by identifying crucial events, stakeholders and the cultural and historical context of real-life safety and security cases
  • increase your understanding by identifying relevant theoretical lenses and applying them to these cases
  • use your knowledge to assess and design strategies and solutions to security and safety challenges

Some of the courses

During the Skills Labs in the first year students acquire knowledge and skills. You develop both academic and professional skills in small groups of about 15 international students. Guided by a tutor you learn to analyse texts, construct arguments, reflect on your work, give and receive feedback and practice leadership and teamwork skills.

In this course you explore the nuclear disaster that occurred in Fukushima, Japan in May 2011 from interdisciplinary perspectives.  This disaster is an example of a non-intentional threat (safety) in modern society: an earthquake caused a tsunami that hit the Fukushima nuclear power plant, leading to a nuclear meltdown and release of radioactive material.

How do you fill in your electives?

You have 30 ECTS of elective space in your third year to help you move closer to your post-graduation goals. So your third year activities are particularly important: you have the option of doing a minor or taking a package of electives (from the FGGA, another Leiden faculty or at another university in the Netherlands or abroad); doing an internship; or studying abroad.  Whether you want to qualify for a specialised Master’s programme or go into the labour market, use your third year strategically!

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