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Security Studies (BSc)

After graduation

Graduates of the unique Security Studies programme at Leiden University are attractive candidates for a broad range of employers, in a field that is growing and offers excellent prospects for academically trained security strategists.

What are your skills after graduation?

The 3-year Bachelor’s of Security Studies provides students with the knowledge, skills and mindset to thoroughly analyse contemporary security and safety issues and devise strategic solutions in a complex and interconnected world. You understand the role of a wide range of stakeholders concerned with security, such as nations, businesses, and individuals; and the influence of institutions and the media. Your academic and professional abilities make you suitable for Master’s level study or entering the job market.

Francesca Rocchi


Francesca Rocchi

"I first applied to Security Studies because I was looking for an innovative programme addressing contemporary topics, and I have never been so satisfied with the choice I made. The cases explored in class were fresh, interesting and up-to-date with the world we live in. In addition to the avant-garde content, the programme gave me the tools to understand issues from a social, legal, political, economic and also technical point of view. While academic skills are highly trained, there was room to grow my personal interests and develop professional competences. Security studies helped me to assess my career goals and mature my interest in Cyber Security Governance.”

Jonas Carinhas

Graduate BSc Security Studies

Jonas Carinhas

"I joined Security Studies because I wanted to strengthen my security education by building upon my research skills. I had expected a heavily academic environment, but while the programme is definitely academic in nature, it also provided me with the opportunity to apply the knowledge to case studies. These case studies were often of my own choosing, which was exciting. I really liked that way of working, because it gave me the opportunity to explore subjects I would usually not look into, while also allowing me to focus on what I am most interested in. During this time, I learned to be very methodical and systematic in my work, which are essential competencies I have taken with me to my master programme."

Your career prospects

Do you want to follow a full academic programme? After obtaining your bachelor’s degree you can continue with a master’s programme. Once you have successfully completed your master’s you will have earned the title Master of Science (MSc) or Master of Arts(MA). Your master’s diploma will increase your chances of finding a job or academic-level position.  

Your future workplace will depend upon your interests, knowledge and skills, and on the elective choices you’ve made during your study. Students who complete this programme find themselves prepared for a wide range of sectors and occupations. 

Career Services

The Leiden University Career Centre can provide you with professional advice and guidance concerning (international) internships and jobs, courses in career planning and job applications. The faculty has its own career advisor who can advise you regarding employers and alumni contacts. We can assist you in exploring your individual interests and abilities, in doing so guiding you towards the most appropriate internship and job.

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