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Study association T.W.I.S.T.

Your experiences at Leiden University will be just as memorable outside the classroom as in it. T.W.I.S.T. is the study association specifically for students of Linguistics at Leiden University. In T.W.I.S.T. you get to combine linguistics-focused activities with fun, making it a great way to get to know your classmates.

T.W.I.S.T. organises activities like camping weekends, dinners and parties, lectures, and film nights with a touch of Linguistics. Members receive Twister magazine, which features interesting articles on your area of study. Take a look at the website or the Instagram page for more information.

Isaac Eaton


Isaac Eaton

"In the introduction period and in the workgroups, I made friends quite easily with fellow international and Dutch students. As a board member of the study association T.W.I.S.T., I've also been busy with organising fun activities, which has been very rewarding. It's been really fun to meet new people who share your interests."

Levi Biesheuvel


Levi Biesheuvel

"I would really recommend becoming a member of the study association. It’s a small association, but because of that it’s extremely fun. It’s easy to walk up to people at drinks or parties, because the open atmosphere of the study is just the same here. This year, I was a part of the lustrum committee, so we planned a week full of activities including a ball. The association itself also organizes a Freshers’ weekend and monthly drinks. The events I personally like most are the lectures and conferences.”

Leiden student city

Leiden is a lively university city that’s brimming with history and with a ubiquitous student culture. Leiden University is renowned for its many student associations, organised around sports, music and social clubs, as well as cultural associations. These associations will also give you access to a sizeable network, which will be very useful if you’re looking for accommodation or if you want to make new friends. A compact and manageable city, it’s never more than a short bike ride from your accommodation to the University.

The Leiden experience

International student Anna made a video about her Leiden experience.

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