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Linguistics (BA)

Career prospects

And then you will have your degree in Linguistics and will be ready to find a job! Do you enjoy writing and editing? Do you want to advise people? Or would you rather teach? Linguistics alumni find work where they perform all these tasks in practice.

These skills will help you

As a Linguistics graduate you will have developed not only strong academic skills, but also resourcefulness, the ability to set priorities, to work independently, and to be self-motivated. These skills will greatly enhance your appeal for future employers. If you also gained relevant work experience during your studies, this will help you find the job of your dreams even faster.

Our job market survey shows that 85% of our graduates find a job within two months and the same percentage find a job at HBO or academic level immediately.

What will your professional field be?

Your degree in Linguistics makes you an attractive candidate for a variety of potential employers. For example, you could work in research, education, IT or communication and marketing.

  • 23 % Education
  • 18 % Research
  • 14 % IT
  • 14 % Communication
  • 9 % Government and semi-government
  • 9 % Information management
  • 5 % Non-profit (e.g. NGOs)
  • 5 % Business services
  • 3 % Other

Source: Job market survey 2020 among Linguistics graduates 2016-2019. Career Service Humanities.

Where do our alumni work?

  • BarentsKrans
  • University of Groningen
  • Dutch Language Institute
  • Mister Dutch
  • NTI (Nederlands TalenInstituut/Netherlands Language Institute)

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