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Linguistics (BA)

Continuing your studies

If you want to follow a full academic programme, the next step after obtaining your bachelor’s is a master’s degree (MA) at a Dutch or international university. And there may be no better place for your further master’s study than Leiden University!

Master's programmes

The Faculty of the Humanities offers a wide range of English-language master’s programmes. If you successfully complete the Bachelor’s in Linguistics programme, you are eligible to choose one of these programmes. Certain master’s programmes have additional admission requirements which can be met by taking a specific minor in the third year of your linguistics programme. There are two types of master’s: the one-year master’s programmes, and the research master’s programmes.

One-year master's

  • MA Linguistics
    Specialisations: Chinese Linguistics; Comparative Indo-European Linguistics; Language and Communication; Language Diversity of Africa, Asia and Native America; Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics


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