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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (BSc)

Are you interested in human cognition? Are you eager to understand AI, and how the technology works? In the bachelor Data Science & Artificial Intelligence you will develop a strong fundamental basis in computer science, mathematics and statistics combined to advanced machine learning, cognitive science and AI competence.

Why Data Science & Artificial Intelligence in Leiden?


Computational thinking and data science

In Leiden we believe: a competent AI engineer, is first and foremost a skilled computer scientist. You will learn to understand how information is created, gain insights into algorithms and learn programming skills.

Research University

Teaching is directly inspired by current research, students can participate in research projects, and they will be encouraged to engage in critical thinking and develop problem solving skills. The programme is organized by LIACS, the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science. Lectures are taught by academic staff involved in cutting-edge research on computer science, data science, artificial intelligence, media, interaction and cognitive science.

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Is this the programme for you?

This programme is aimed at students who have a strong interest in programming and computer science, as well as an interest in the human brain and information processing:

  • Do you want to learn how to analyse information, detect patterns and relationships, and solve problems on a complex level?
  • Do you have strong mathematical skills?
  • Are you interested in the functioning of the brain, and in understanding and creating intelligent self-learning systems?

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'Artificial intelligence is a hot topic and is really appealing to me. The expectations defenitly matched with the study. There is less math in the study than I expected though. I knew pretty well what I was getting into. When you finish high school, you have all the preparation in your pocket for science education.'

Marcello Bonsangue

Professor Computer Science

Marcello Bonsangue

‘Traditional programs are capable only of mechanical or predetermined actions. In contrast data science and artificial intelligence algorithms are designed to make decisions by insights derived on data. They are so successful that already now data science and artificial intelligence are shaping the future of science and society. The bachelor in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at Leiden University will let you understand how these algorithms work, where they can be applied, and why they can solve problems that were considered impossible until now.’

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