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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (BSc)

Application procedure

Every student who wants to apply for a bachelor’s programme at Leiden University will need to start at Studielink. The application procedure consists of three steps.

1. Apply in Studielink

If you want to start the bachelor programme in September you will  have to start the application in Studielink. Studielink will be open for applications from 1 October.

Go to Studielink and enter your details according to the instructions provided. For this step you will need:

  • a copy of your valid passport or European ID card, or
  • if you are a Dutch resident, your DigiD

After finishing the first step, you will receive an email with the following information (but bear in mind that it can take a few days):

  • confirmation that you have started the application process in Studielink
  • login details for Leiden University’s online application portal

In the online application portal, Leiden University will let you know whether you are directly admissible and will guide you through all necessary steps to complete your registration. The application portal will inform you on steps to take upon application as well.

2. Automatically admissible?

Automatically admissible

If your diploma grants you automatic admission to the bachelor’s, Leiden University’s online application portal will inform you so. The portal will give you further instructions.  

Check if you can be admitted automatically
Some Dutch diplomas grant direct admission to bachelor’s programmes at Leiden University. Check in the admission requirements whether this is the case with your diploma. 

Not automatically admissible

If your diploma doesn’t grant you automatic admission to the bachelor’s programme of your choice, Leiden University’s online application portal will inform you. You will have to apply for admission. The portal will give you further instructions. 

If you are not automatically admitted, you must apply for admission via the Leiden University online admission portal.

1. Submit your online application

If you cannot be admitted automatically, you will have to apply. In our online application portal you can finalise your application by uploading the necessary documents and answering a few questions. The portal provides an overview of what you have to do to complete your application at Leiden University. Please follow the instructions carefully. We strongly recommend that you complete your application as early as possible.

2. Pay the application fee (if applicable)

The application fee for degree programmes at Leiden University is €100. This fee is non-refundable and it entitles you to apply for up to three programmes within the same academic year.  The online registration system will inform you how to pay this fee.

Can I be exempted from paying the application fee?  

You do not have to pay the application fee if:         

  • You have a pre-university diploma (VWO) or a first-year (propaedeutic) diploma (HBO or WO) from a Dutch institute of higher education in the Netherlands, or an institute of higher education on Aruba, Curaçao or St Maarten.
  • You have a European Baccalaureate diploma from a Dutch department (NE Taal 1).
  • You were previously registered as an exchange, SAP, degree or pre-master student at Leiden University.
  • You have refugee status in the Netherlands (residence permit for asylum).
  • You have previously been admitted to the programme at Leiden University, but you decided to postpone your studies. This does not apply if you wish to apply for a different study programme or specialisation.

Exemptions cannot be granted on any other grounds.

3. Other practical aspects

After submitting your application, the online portal will, if applicable, ask you if you want to apply for student housing, a visa or a scholarship. Make a careful note of the deadlines for these facilities.

4. Application status

  • Upon receipt of your application fee (if applicable), the Admissions Office will check whether all the necessary documents have been uploaded. They will inform you by email whether your application is complete or if there are any omissions.
  • Once your application is complete it will be reviewed by the Admissions Office or the Board of Admissions of the faculty. They will decide whether you are eligible for admission. 
  • Leiden University will make a decision within four to six weeks after the receipt of your application. In the meantime, you can check the status of your application online.

5. Decision

The Admissions Office will send you the decision by email within four to six weeks after your application has been received.

There are three possible options.

  1. You are admitted
    All conditions have been fulfilled.
  2. You are conditionally admitted, in other words you will be admitted if you meet certain conditions.
    The conditions will be given in the decision letter.
  3. You are not admitted, because you do not meet the programme’s entry requirements.
    The reasons will be clearly stated in the decision letter.

If you are told that your application has been successful, congratulations! A number of additional steps now need to be taken.

6. Accept the offer

The Admissions Office will ask you to inform them whether you will accept the offer of admission or conditional admission. Please go to the online application portal to accept the offer. You have the following choices:

  1. Accept
  2. Accept, but start later
  3. Decline

In addition to applying to Leiden University, you will also need to complete your registration in Studielink. We will send you a reminder to register with Studielink once you have been accepted onto the programme at Leiden University. We strongly advise that you register in Studielink as soon as possible.

1. Check the deadlines to complete your registration in Studielink

The deadline for completing your registration in Studielink is 1 September. After 1 September you will not be able to register in Studielink, or change your study programme.

2. Submit all the necessary documents

Remember to provide all the necessary documents. Check your decision on admission for details.

3. Complete your registration in Studielink

Enter your payment details in Studielink and submit all the necessary documents before the official start date of your programme. Failure to do so means you won’t be allowed to start the programme.

If you have any questions about Studielink, go to the “I have a question” page.

4. Pay your tuition fee

Pay your tuition fee before the official start date of your programme. Failure to do so means you won’t be allowed to study.

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