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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (BSc)

About the programme

The curriculum of this bachelor’s programme gives you an understanding of artificial intelligence and data science with a solid basis in computer science. Both artificial intelligence and data science are broad disciplines that require essential and foundational underpinnings.


> 3 year programme (180 EC)
> First year a minimum of 45 (out of 60) EC (binding study advice)
> 30 maximum students in exercise classes
> Average of 20 contact hours (classes) per week

Mix of theory and practice

The programme offers a balanced mix of theory and practice. Most courses include exercise classes in which students practice
theory. For instance, they solve mathematical problems, or practice with programming assignments. The exercise classes take place in groups of 25 to 30 students and are led by student-assistants or more experienced teaching-assistants under supervision of the course lecturer. Assignments will be either individual or in groups of two or three students.


What is Jobs favourite course?


'My favorite course is Reinforcement Learning. Reinforcement learning falls under the category of machine learning. The computer develops a self-learning capability so that it can eventually discover the ideal behavior for the best achievable performance. The subject is specific and I understand the technology behind it well.

Academic skills

The curriculum supports a range of general academic and professional skills: analytical skills, empirical methods, modelling, collaboration, written and oral communication, argumentation and presentation, covered in the continuous research skills learning trajectory from the first to the third year.

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