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A healthy diet is always important, also when you’re working from home.

A balanced diet and enough sleep and exercise will help strengthen your immune system (in Dutch).

Keep eating well 

  • Stick to your normal eating habits. If you don’t normally have a biscuit with your coffee when you’re at work, then don’t do this at home either. If you normally eat three slices of bread at lunchtime with a glass of milk, stick to this at home too.
  • Try to eat as much fresh food as possible and avoid processed foods. This will ensure your diet contains the most essential nutrients.
  • Don’t eat your lunch while you work. It has been shown that if you are distracted when you are eating, you tend to eat more, not just during mealtimes, but afterwards as well. So make sure you plan a fixed time to stop and have lunch. You then get to take a break from the computer and recharge your batteries for the afternoon.
  • Are you taking less exercise than you normally would? Then try to keep an eye on the amount of food you are eating and stick to a balanced diet. Also keep an eye on your weight to make sure your body stays in balance (in Dutch). Eating a healthy diet that includes the five main food groups (in Dutch) is always important, whether you are working from home because of the corona measures or not.
  • Did you know that even the way you have set up your home can help you make healthy choices? For example, you can put healthy foods out in view and put less healthy things out of sight and out of easy reach. Do the check on the Netherlands Nutrition Centre (in Dutch) to see if your home is set up for healthy eating.

For more information, clear advice, and healthy, simple recipes, check out the Netherlands Nutrition Centre website.

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