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About us

Healthy University Leiden aims to promote a working environment where staff and students can do their jobs responsibly, healthily and in positive surroundings, and where they can achieve their potential.

Our mission

Leiden University is a Healthy University with the goal of strengthening the mental and physical health and vitality of our staff – and thereby also of our students. We believe that healthy, vital staff and students help our organisations succeed when they are inspired to use their full potential in a stimulating learning and working environment.

Our vision

Our hope is that our commitment to this mission will highlight how important health and vitality are to the University community. We want to build a movement that will inspire all our staff to join us. If we want to spark the right kind of cultural change, we need to build a movement that stimulates both top-down and bottom-up initiatives and activities to promote mental and physical health and vitality. We are keen to engage as many potential stakeholders and other relevant internal and external networks as possible in designing these initiatives, and we want to make sure our initiatives are really relevant to the teaching and research at the University.


The programme’s objectives contribute to the strategic targets of both organisations.

  • Promoting employees’ mental and physical health.
  • Building a movement that prioritises health.


We’d love to hear your tips and questions. Get in touch with Marjolijn Clarenbach-Rispens, Healthy University coordinator: m.clarenbach@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

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