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How does the faculty work?

Underneath you find more information on how our faculty works.

Our Faculty is an academic knowledge centre that approaches world problems from a political administrative, political, legal, sociological, and economic perspective.  Our goal is to share information and contribute to large social debates using this knowledge. Not only through our education and research but also by organising lectures and debates. We also have an entrepreneurial spirit, which is demonstrated by our continued search for collaborations with other disciplines and innovative forms of education. Situated in The Hague, international city of peace and justice. 

Organsiation of the faculty

The Faculty is governed by the Faculty Board, which, in turn, is supported by the Faculty Bureau. The Faculty consists of three academic institutes responsible for the our regular bachelor's and master's programmes. 

-Institute of Public Administration
- Institute of Security and Global Affairs
- Leiden University College The Hague

Our Faculty also houses several expertise and specialist centres: 

- Centre for Professional Learning
- Dual PhD Centre

Educational Programmes of the Faculty

At FGGA, students and professionals are able to study issues that are closely linked with prominent The Hague topics: peace, justice and security, public administration, and international governance. We offer three bachelor's programmes and five master's programmes, which, in turn, offer a number of specialisations, also known as tracks. We also offer a wide variety of courses to highly educated professionals.  A complete overview can be found at the educational web-page of the Faculty. 

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