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How does the university work?

Underneath you will find more information on how the university works.

Leiden University consists of seven faculties, each governed by a faculty board with a dean as chairperson. Each faculty is divided into several institutes, which are managed by the institute boards. The University as a whole is governed by the Executive Board (CvB) under the chairpersonship of the director of the university, more commonly known as the Rector Magnificus. Carol Stolker has been fulfilling this role since 2013. Next year, during the Dies Natalis, the University's annual birthday celebration, he will hand over this role to his successor Hester Bijl. 
The CvB is supported by the Administration and Central Services Department and expertise centres. An organisational unit with special status is the University Leiden Library (UBL). Apart from all these organisational units, there are several other faculty and interfaculty units focussed on research or education for specific target audiences. 

More information about the administration and organisation of the University can be found here.

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