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Work for third parties by professors

Leiden University publishes on the website a list of the work that our professors carry out for third parties. Information on professors and their ancillary activities can now be found in one recognisable place, in addition to on their personal profile pages.

Professors at LUMC are not yet included in the list; that will happen later in 2024. Emeritus professors are not part of this list.

Work for third parties was previously only mentioned on professors’ personal webpages; there was no complete list. An overview of regular and externally funded endowed chairs (page in Dutch) has been online since 2023.

Ancillary activities by professors

Leiden University, 27 February 2024

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Transparency is important

With this new list, Dutch universities are aiming to improve the disclosure of data on professors' ancillary work and contribute to transparency about these activities. Universities share the opinion of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science that it must be clear who is involved in funding professorial chairs and scientific research, what work for third parties professors carry out and how this relates to their work at the university. This will eliminate any impression of conflicts of interest.

Confidence in academia

Confidence in academia is an important condition for collaboration between academia and industry. This research collaboration with external parties contributes to the quality of scientific research and education, and is important for knowledge transfer to society. Universities and researchers are also expected to be closely involved with society.

Daily update

For the time being, the list of professors’ work for third parties will be updated manually on a weekly basis. As a result it may happen that the information on a professor’s personal page is not identical to that in the list. In such a case, the information on the personal page is the most up to date as this data is refreshed on a daily basis as soon as a change in the work for third parties is notified. 

Leiden University is working on a system where all changes are incorporated in the list on a daily basis so that the information in the list matches the information on the personal pages. We expect this system will be active in the spring of 2024.

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