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Weblogs and podcasts

Academic staff and students blog about their research and teaching.


Africa Knows

This weblog brings you conversations with African(ist) scholars and thinkers who talk about their own work, the decolonisation of the academy, and the knowledge revolution taking shape all over the African continent.

Anthropology Blog

Leiden anthropologists give an insight into their research.

Archaeology Blog

about research at the Faculty of Archaeology.

Art History Blog

about the research and activities of the students and lecturers from the Art History programme.

ASCL Africanist Blog

Africa specialists blog about research, fieldwork, conferences, new publications and teaching experiences.

Bridging the Unbridgeable

this blog aims to provide feedback on all sorts of questions concerning the usage of English

China Leiden Weblog

presents activities related to China and Taiwan organised by the Leiden University China Studies Program and its partners.

Counter Voices in Africa

cultural anthropologist Mirjam de Bruijn.

Dutch Anglo-Saxonist

Thijs Porck on language and culture in the Middle Ages.

Embedding Conquest

'Eyeopeners' from this Leiden ERC research project 


Irma Johanna Mosquera Valderrama about her ERC project.

Islam Blog

Islam experts on the history of Islam and its relation to society

KITLV blog

focusing on Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.

Leiden Language Blog

 a languages and linguistics platform showcasing the research at the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL).


PhD candidates blog and vlog about art and society.

Medievalists Blog

all about the Middle Ages

Politics East Asia

China expert Florian Schneider.

Rethinking Disability

historians look at the global impact of UN policy for disabled people.

The Hague is... a City with Many Faces

Through storytelling, this epodcast introduces you to The Hague in all its facets.


Matters of Humanitie: History of Islam in Europe

A podcast series with Professor Maurits Berger.


Leiden Law Blog

Legal experts shine their light on actual legal matters.

Security and Global Affairs Blog

Various themes relating to security and society.



Integrated Projects

For this course students create podcasts about physical violence and public order


Podcasts by members of the International Studies study association.

The Hague Diplomacy Podcast

Podcast from The Hague Journal of Diplomacy.


Leiden Teachers Blog

Teachers share their experiances and show their efforts to innovate university education.

Psychology Blog

About psychological research and responses to recent developments.

Teaching and Teacher Learning

ICLON teaching experts blog about teaching and teacher development.


A Very Mindful Podcast

A podcast for students, professionals and anyone interested in mindfulness and mental health.

An Aging World

Students and guest speakers discuss while walking the challenges that elderly care faces and will face.


Global Public Health students and guest speakers question the logic of biomedicine and policy around Global Health, and explore the methods used by medical anthropologists.

It's Not Easy Being Green

This podcast from the  Leiden University Green Office provides tips on how to live and work more sustainable.

Leiden Psychology Perspective

Students and researchers share their perspective on psychological research and recent developments within the field of psychology. 

What If Education

Teachers, students and experts share their ideas of how they think the future of education will unfold.


Leiden Madtrics Blog

A hub for people interested in trends and developments in research, and the intersection of science and society.


ADA Research

The adventures and discoveries of the Automated Design of Algorithms research group.

Felienne Hermans

Weblog on computer programming.


Digital Scholarship@Leiden

For researchers wishing to use social media to promote their research

Special Collections Blog

About the Leiden University Libraries special collections.

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