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Postdocs, or early career researchers, play a crucial role at Leiden University. They make a major contribution to our research. In 2019, Leiden University employed around 400 postdocs across our faculties in Leiden and The Hague, LUMC not included.

As a postdoc, you usually only spend a relatively short period of time at a university. Nevertheless, we think it is important that you can achieve your ambitions in that short time, and we do everything we can to make you feel at home as soon as you arrive. We are here to help and support you in various ways.

Becoming a postdoc

If you dream of an academic career after your PhD, a postdoc job is often the logical next step. Postdocs receive a temporary contract, often as part of a specific project. Every year, hundreds of researchers apply for postdoc positions at Leiden University. We regularly have vacancies for postdocs.

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Facilities and funding

Leiden University is one of the world’s top universities. As a postdoc, you will be working with internationally renowned researchers. As such, the University cultivates an attractive research climate with excellent facilities.

The researchers you will be working with will feel responsible for your career, not only during but also after your postdoc phase. The University also has a well-organised support network in place to help you secure research funding.

Training programmes, coaching and career guidance

The University encourages its employees to use and develop their talents. We try to ensure that you, as a postdoc, have the opportunity to flourish – both in your research field and in your personal development. As such, the University offers plenty of opportunities to take part in internal training programmes. In addition, in Leiden you can make use of the University’s professional career guidance services and coaching. These support services are free of charge for postdocs.

Leading Fellows Postdoc Programme

One of our great successes has been the Leading Fellows Postdoc Programme, organised in collaboration with Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus MC and Leiden University Medical Center. Ninety young researchers from all over the world have had the opportunity to spend two years working on their own research as postdocs. The programme was supported by a European Marie Curie COFUND grant.

Practical support for internationals

As a postdoc at Leiden University, you will find yourself in a very international environment: the University employs people from no fewer than 115 different countries. If you are moving to Leiden from abroad, take a look at the information on our website on living and working in the Netherlands, including information on financial and tax matters. Our Service Centre International Staff supports international staff and guests with immigration procedures, finding accommodation and applying for the 30% facility. It also offers dual career support, which helps the partners of international researchers to find a job.


The following organisations promote the interests of postdocs within and outside Leiden University:

Leiden University Postdoc Assembly

At the Leiden University Postdoc Assembly (LUPA) you’ll get to know other postdocs and exchange your experiences with them. LUPA is also an information channel and a platform that promotes the interests of postdocs at the University.


PhDoc is the party that represents the interests of PhD candidates and postdocs in the University Council.

Postdoc NL

Looking to contact other postdocs outside Leiden? Postdoc NL is a national organisation that brings postdocs together and promotes their interests.

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