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ELS lab meeting - Journal Club by Merel Cornax

maandag 6 mei 2024
Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw (KOG)

The third ELS lab meeting of this cycle is a Journal Club. These are sessions in which we discuss empirical legal articles, focusing on the lessons that can be learned.

Journal Club -  i-Frame and s-Frame’; individual change, systemic changes, or both? With Merel Cornax 
 How can empirical legal research have (more) effective policy implications? Should recommendations focus on the individual level or would a more systemic approach be more effective? In their article, Chater and Loewenstein discuss that policy problems are often 'framed' as individual problems ('i-frame’) instead of systemic problems ('s-frame') - and hence as individual responsibilities rather than (collective) responsibilities of the system (e.g. on organizational level). They argue, on the basis of various examples, that it would be more effective to focus on the 's-frame' instead. To kick off this session, Merel Cornax will discuss Helen Pluut’s article (under review) on the legal concept of good employment practices ('goed werkgeverschap' in Dutch) as an example. 

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