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The LeiCNS-PK3.0 model development and applications: healthy-to-diseased CNS pharmacokinetic translation

Accurate prediction of the unbound drug concentration-time profile at the CNS target site is crucial for the assessment of the right drug concentration-effect relationship. PBPK models have supported the PK prediction of the CNS target sites and the translation of PK data between species and between populations, given their mechanistic, physiology-based structure.

M.A.A.E.W. Saleh
25 april 2024
Thesis in Leiden Repository

In this thesis, we have developed a CNS PBPK model which could predict adequately the brainECF, brainICF, and CSF unbound PK profiles and provide important insights into the brain unbound pharmacokinetics of patients with CNS diseases. Early prediction of the brain target site pharmacokinetics of the right patient population can prioritize drugs with the favored brain PK profiles, which might optimize and accelerate the CNS drug development process.

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