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Synthesis and applications of cell wall glycopolimer fragments from Staphilococci and Enterococci

Carbohydrates are present on the surface of bacteria making them suitable antigen candidates for vaccine development. This thesis deals with the synthesis of two carbohydrate-based components; the capsular polisaccharide of S. aureus type 5 and teichoic acids from staphilococci and enterococci species.

F. Berni
19 oktober 2023
Thesis in Leiden Repository

 The synthesis of well-defined structures can allow an in-depth characterization of antigen-antibody binding that ultimately can help the development of robust and high effective vaccine. In the case of teichoic acids for example, it has been introduced the application of a microarray technology to streamline the preferential binding of immune proteins from different sources. The binding towards teichoic acids like structures has been further explore by developing a monoclonal antibody starting from a fully sinthetic glycoconjugate. Different techniques have been used which in conclusion suggest an indirect contribution of the glycosidic appandage to the binding towards the glycerol-phosphate backbone.

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