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Quantifying nucleosome dynamicsand protein binding with PIE-FCCS and spFRET

In this thesis I describe the results of Pulsed Interleaved Excitation and Fluorescence (Cross) Correlation Spectroscopy (PIE-F(C)CS) combined with single-pair Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (spFRET) used to study dynamics in single nucleosomes, which depends on subtle differences in the length of DNA ends, DNA sequence, histone variants and specific and non-specific protein interactions.

Martens, C.L.G.
01 februari 2023
Thesis in Leiden Repository

This technique, which can resolve distances between two fluorophores of only a few nanometers, is an excellent technique to monitor changes in nucleosomal compaction, as the nucleosome is only ten nanometers in diameter. In combination with F(C)CS and PIE, spFRET makes it possible to monitor conformational dynamics on a timescale of micro- to milliseconds.

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