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Classical and paramagnetic NMR spectroscopy applied to different protein systems

Promotor: Prof.dr. M. Ubbink

S.P. Skinner
05 december 2013
Thesis in Leiden Repository

This thesis describes the application of a variety of different classical and paramagnetic NMR to different protein system. To this end cytochrome P450cam was assigned using classical techniques and paramagnetic NMR was used to investigate the solution state of this enzyme in complex with its binding partner, putidaredoxin. The solution structure of Avr2 was also solved using classical NMR spectroscopy techniques. Additionally, an algorithm for the assignment of protein nuclei on the basis pseudocontact shifts, PARAssign, is presented. An investigation of the dynamic behaviour of a paramagnetic tag attached to T4 lysozyme using relaxation dispersion is described.

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