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Beschadigd vertrouwen

Op 7 december 2021 verdedigde Georgina Kuipers het proefschrift 'Beschadigd vertrouwen'. Het promotieonderzoek is begeleid door prof.mr. W. den Ouden en prof.dr. M.A. van der Steen (EUR).

Georgina Kuipers
07 december 2021
Leids Repositorium

In large-scale infrastructure projects, the Dutch government allows its citizens to suffer some damage and nuisance ('facilitated damage'). The government then aims to settle claims and compensate that damage; it also tries to restore the trust relationship between victimized citizens and the government. How can government arrive at a trust-building compensation policy if it has facilitated damage for a group of citizens in a large-scale infrastructural project, for the sake of the public interest? In this research, an interdisciplinary theoretical framework of trust-building compensation policy is designed based on legal, public administrative and political science insights. Subsequently, on the basis of three extensive case studies – the construction of the North/South metro line in Amsterdam, the expansion of Schiphol Airport, and the consequences of gas extraction in Groningen – the study analyzes to what extent these theoretical insights have an effect in practice: did they help to build or recover trust in government? The aim of the study is to provide practical and concrete guidelines for lawyers and policymakers involved in compensation policy, so that they know how not to damage trust in the government in the future.

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