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Leiden Law students are looking forward to the lawyer of the future

As Leiden Law students, we are now in the digital age, 'where we believe law and technology should go together.' After all, for us, it is important to look beyond trodden paths of established legal knowledge. The books on law and case law surely will not be sufficient for the lawyer of the future. That is why many of our friends regularly ask themselves: Will the lawyer of the future still come from the Leiden University?

Speaking for ourselves; Leiden University is on the right track with their envisioned training for the lawyer of the future, since January 2021 will signal the start of the Legal Technologies training for professionals.

This is where at our university the lawyer of the future will be professionally trained. The slogan 'Law and Leiden University go hand in hand' is expected to change completely from then on. This makes sense because legal education is due for renewal.

In 1575, William of Orange gave his approval to found the Leiden University so that ‘in our republic competent people could be trained and educated'. Competence was central. We are now 445 years later and over the years legal education has developed in various branches. So, we are a world leader in various fields of Law.

A Skilled Lawyer

And right now we have the task to ask ourselves: What is a skilled lawyer?

New laws, new case law and new insights into education brought endless legal pleasure to students. However, currently we are in a digital age, where law and technology should go together. That is why, we, as a University, must take the next step to let the field of Law further grow.

Times have been changed, and the study of Law can no longer be performed by head and hand. Be assured, the intelligent computer as assistent is the future; the time of the yellow marker is over.

The Lawyer of the Future will expect registration is possible in fall 2020, for a start in January 2021.

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