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Lettie Dorst

University Lecturer

Dr. A.G. Dorst
+31 71 527 3026

I am currently teaching MA courses on Translation Studies, Translator's Tools, and Advanced Translation, in addition to supervising theses and internships. In previous years I also taught courses on Multimodal Translation, Subtitling, Literary Translation, Stylistics, Metaphor Studies, Academic Writing and Presentation Skills. My research focuses on Translation Studies, Metaphor Studies and Stylistics.

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Fields of interest

Metaphor studies; corpus linguistics; stylistics; genre analysis; translation studies


I am currently continuing my research on metaphor in fiction, and am particularly interested in starting new projects on metaphor and translation, and metaphor and health communication.

Teaching activities

I am currently teaching Language Acquisition 1 (BA), Language Acquisition 3 (BA), Language Acquisition 4 (BA), Language Acquisition 5 (Stylistics) (BA), Vertalen Engels-Nederlands (minor), Vertalen Nederlands-Engels (minor), Multimodal Translation (MA), Subtitling and Localization (MA), and Metaphor, Genre and Style (MA).

Curriculum vitae

2012-current Assistant Professor, English Linguistics and Translation, Leiden University
2011-2012 Lecturer, English Linguistics and Translation, VU University Amsterdam
2005-2011 PhD Metaphor Studies, VU University Amsterdam
2003-2005 MA ICT and Translation, VU University Amsterdam
2000-2003 BA English Language and Culture, VU University Amsterdam

Propedeuse Algemene Letteren, Universiteit Utrecht 

Key publications

Dorst, A.G. (2011). Personification in discourse: linguistic forms, conceptual structures and communicative functions.  Language and Literature 20 (2), 113-135. 

Dorst, A.G., Steen, G.J. and G. Mulder (2011). Recognition of personifications in fiction by non-expert readers.  Metaphor and the Social World 1 (2), 174-201. 

Steen, G.J., Dorst, A.G., Herrmann, J.B., Kaal, A.A., and T. Krennmayr (2010). Metaphor in Usage.  Cognitive Linguistics 21 (4), 765-796. 

Steen, G.J., Dorst, A.G., Herrmann, J.B., Kaal, A.A., Krennmayr, T., and T. Pasma (2010). A Method for Linguistic Metaphor Identification: From MIP to MIPVU. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 

Steen, G.J., Biernacka, E.A., Dorst, A.G., Kaal, A.A., López-Rodríguez, I., and T. Pasma (2010). Pragglejaz in practice: Finding metaphorically used words in natural discourse. In: Low, G., Tod, Z., Deignan, A., and L. Cameron (eds),  Researching and Applying Metaphor in the Real World, 165-184. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

- For previous publications, please visit: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Lettie_Dorst

University Lecturer

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Univ Centre for Linguistics
  • LUCL Engels

Work address

Arsenaalstraat 1
2311 CT Leiden
Room number B0.20


  • John Benjamins Publishing Company Associate Editor Metaphor and the Social World
  • International Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor (RaAM) Bestuurslid (conference secretary)
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