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Corrie Marijnen

Professor (Clinical) Radiotherapy

Prof.dr. C.A.M. Marijnen
+31 71 526 5539

Corrie Marijnen started her training as radiation-oncologist in 1994 in the Academic Hospital Leiden. During her residency, she started with her PhD, which she achieved with honors in 2002 . After working for 4 years in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoekhospital/National Cancer Institute, she became chair of the department of Radiotherapy at LUMC. Since 2015 she is also the chair of the department of Radiotherapy in the Reinier de Graaf hospital in Delft. In addition to that, she is closely involved in the HollandPTC, the joined protonfacility of the LUMC, ErasmusMC and TU Delft, where the first patient will be treated in 2018. In view of this connection, she was appointed as Medical Delta Professor in 2016.

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(Clinical) Radiotherapy is aimed at the improvement of cancer treatment and quality of life. The focus is primarily on initiation of and participation in large national and international clinical trials, and translational research and quality of life studies within the scope of these trials, such as studies on new molecular prognostic factors, decision making, long-term health related quality of life and long-term adverse effects. With the introduction of proton beam irradiation, the focus will be more on the reduction of late effects. In addition, demonstrating the added value of proton therapy is an important topic for the coming years.  

Academic career

In the past 15 years, Corrie Marijnen focused her research on the treatment of rectal cancer, with special attention for toxicity and quality of life. On April 10th 2002, she defended her thesis “Radiotherapy in Rectal Cancer” based on the results of the international TME study, which investigated the value of short-term preoperative radiotherapy in rectal cancer. In addition to this, better patient selection for adjuvant treatment, improvement of treatment techniques and target volume delineation are topics addressed in her projects. Patient preferences and computer-assisted shared decision making are her other fields of research. These topics were extensively addressed in her inaugural speech on the 30th of October 2009, titled : “From X-rays to Arrays”. Since 2009, she has played an important role in several large (inter)national trials for locally advanced rectal cancer, as well as in trials concerning organ preservation for early rectal cancer.

Professor (Clinical) Radiotherapy

  • Faculteit Geneeskunde
  • Divisie 4
  • Radiotherapie

Work address

LUMC Main Building
Albinusdreef 2
2333 ZA Leiden
Room number K1-P


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