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Podcast: The art of Presenting

We have the pleasure of hosting organisational psychologist Fieke Harinck. Fieke is an expert on negotiation, communication skills and improvisation and co-author of the book ‘The Art of Presenting’. She shares invaluable insights and advice on how to deliver impactful presentations that captivate your audience.

In this episode, you’ll learn:  

  • The importance of developing presentation skills and why they matter.
  • Why having a concise core message is crucial to delivering a good presentation.
  • How stress before a presentation can actually work in your favor.
  • Why practicing improv theatre can give you a more relaxed outlook on presenting (and life itself) 
  •  The true meaning of "just being yourself" and how it can enhance your presentation style.

Leiden Psychology Podcast

This podcast series is a special project within the department of Psychology at Leiden University. It gives a platform for people to discuss topics within the field of psychology from different perspectives; the perspective of students, of university staff, alumni, experts, and different researchers. Listen to Fieke Harinck talk about the art of presenting in the latest episode.

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