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Educational Sciences


The Educational Sciences programme group of the Institute of Education and Child Studies at Leiden University provides courses in the field of student education and the learning and development of children in the school context. The aim is to offer students a broad education and to prepare them for a job market and society that is changing rapidly. Students are encouraged to think critically, and learn to use the results of scientific research to form their own well-founded opinion on educational policy and practice.

Bachelor's specialisation Educational Sciences

The Bachelor's specialisation in Educational Sciences offers a unique multidisciplinary approach: learning and development are approached from different theoretical perspectives and using different research methods. About the courses of this bachelor specialisation ››


  • Neurocognitive processes: the base of learning and development
  • Socio-emotional functioning at school
  • Learn to count and read with understanding
  • Individual differences in learning and development processes
  • Factors in the educational learning process that contribute to a better learning output (including methods of learning, instruction, and testing
  • Class interactions
  • Instructional design
  • Analysis of educational innovation
  • 21st century skills
  • Education in a digital environment

Master's specialisation Educational Sciences

These subjects are further explored in the Master's specialisation. In addition to a focus on psychological and neurocognitive mechanisms that are important for learning and development, the Master's program examines the impact that the social and educational environment has on learning. Students practice translating the implications of this knowledge into instruction, the use of digital technology, assessment, and social interactions at school. Students develop a critical attitude towards research and practical applications in the field of learning and education, and they develop essential skills to bridge the gap between theory, research and educational practice.

Visit the Prospectus for the course descriptions of the Master's specialisation in Educational Science ››

Bachelor's and Master's thesis

In the context of the Bachelor's and Master's thesis, students are actively involved in current research of the programme group. In addition, master's students go through a research and/or practical internship in which they learn to apply their knowledge and skills to the field of education professionals. For example, they develop educational materials (textbooks, web applications), refine and evaluate interventions that are carried out at schools, or give advice on how a school can monitor the quality of education and the introduction of innovation.

Educational expertise

At the end of the course, students have the authority to work in a wide range of institutions where educational expertise is required, such as schools, study programs, research institutes, museums, organizations that develop educational material, and compagnies involved in advice in the field of education and in the professionalisation of teachers.

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