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Theoretical Physics

Leiden has a strong tradition in theoretical physics, thoroughly linked with experimental disciplines.

Theoretical physicists are organised in the Lorentz Institute, while they are each also  connected to one of the other three themes: Biological and Soft Matter, Quantum Materials and Optics and Cosmology.

The institute, established in 1921, is the oldest institute for theoretical physics in The Netherlands. Together with the experimental groups in the Kamerlingh Onnes and Huygens Laboratories it forms the Leiden Institute of Physics. The Instituut-Lorentz participates in two research schools, the Casimir Research School (jointly with Delft University of Technology) and the Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics. The national research schools offer a comprehensive program of postgraduate education. Graduate students and postdocs interested in joining the Instituut-Lorentz are encouraged to apply directly to one of the faculty members listed below. Students interested in cosmology can apply to the De Sitter programme

We closely collaborate with the Institutes of Theoretical Physics in Utrecht and Amsterdam, in the context of the Delta Institute of Theoretical Physics.

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