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Alexey Boiarskyi Group - Particle and Astroparticle Physics

My work is motivated by the necessity to extend Standard Model of Particle Physics in order to explain three observed phenomena that this great theory  fails to accommodate

  • Dark Matter
  • Neutrino masses and flavour oscillations
  • Matter-anti matter asymmetry of the Universe

This quest requires new data both from accelerator experiments and from observational cosmology and astrophysics.
That is why different people in my group actively participate in experimental collaborations in CERN (and not only).

  • work on large scale cosmological simulations of large-scale structure and galaxy formation, origin of cosmic magnetism etc
  • work with the data from X-ray and gamma-ray telescopes
  • work of cosmological surveys, like  DESI, WEAVE etc  

This program requires also to address deep theoretical questions that arise in the context of different experiments, or required for the analysis of the effect of hypothetical new particles on the physics of the early Universe.

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