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The Pharmacy research group focusses on the development of predictive models to improve clinical drug efficacy and safety. We are moreover strongly involved in the Master specialisation of Pharmacy at Leiden University. We work on clinical problems that require further mechanistic understanding and strive for ultimate benefit to patients.

Our team has complementary expertise in pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacodynamic pharmacokinetic modelling, and expertise in clinical pharmacology and translational preclinical models, we address these major challenges with a multidisciplinary research approach.  For our research we closely collaborate with both clinicians and pharmacists, in particular at the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Toxicology at LUMC.

Current pharmacy research lines include:

  • Pharmacology of drugs in special populations  
  • Phenoconversion by inflammation and drug-drug interactions 
  • Pharmacoepidemiology for better understanding and prediction of (adverse) drug reactions
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