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LACDR PhD Portal


The purpose of PhD education is to provide you with personal skills and skills related to your professional discipline. The education program for each PhD candidate comprises a mandatory part and an optional part.

1. Courses on personal skills - your mandatory part:

  • Graduate School Faculty of Science courses:
    • Introductory meeting (0 EC)
    • Integrity: “Scientific Conduct" (0,18 EC = 5 h)

For more information see the website of the Graduate school of Science.

2. Courses on professional skills - your optional part: 

LACDR is organizing some optional courses on professional skills, like Python, R and scientific specialization modules. PhD candidates will be informed as soon as we organize these courses.

Education hours

You have to collect a minimum of 280 education hours (10 EC points) for education during four years. One EC point refers to 28 hours of education. This number of education hours is divided into 140 hours (5 EC) for courses in personal skills and 140 hours (5 EC) for skills related to professional discipline.

The total program of courses needs approval from the individual PhD Advisory Committee (PAC).  You are responsible for keeping a record of the courses you have successfully completed in your Education and Supervision Plan (ESP) and to register the courses in LUCRIS GSM.

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