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China Scholarship Council (CSC)

CSC-Leiden University joint scholarship program

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) provides scholarships for Chinese citizens who want to do PhD research at Leiden University, either full-time or as a visiting researcher. The prospective candidates must be admitted to the Graduate School of Science.

The annual CSC Joint Scholarship recruiting and admission process goes as follows:

CSC – Full PhD programme 2019


GS= Graduate School of Science



Find a PhD position and supervisor at Leiden University and apply for the position

Prospective PhD candidate

15 February 2019

Inform the GS of the intended decision to accept a CSC PhD candidate by mailing the name, email address, CV, research proposal and, if available, information on previous education of the candidate to the GS: gsoffice@science.leidenuniv.nl


22 February 2019

Contact the prospective candidate to provide additional information needed for a credential evaluation



Application for credential evaluation. When the credential evaluation is positive, the Dean decides on the conditional admission of the candidate.

The result of the credential evaluation and the decision of conditional admission will be forwarded to the supervisor and the promoter


28 February 2019

After the conditional admission to the Graduate School of Science, the promoter provides the conditional Acceptance letter (conform template) and send this by e-mail to the candidate and the GS: gsoffice@science.leidenuniv.nl


28 February 2019

Inform the SEA (Scholarship of LU Student and Educational Affairs) about the conditional admission to the Graduate School of Science


1 March 2019

CSC will receive the list of Leiden prospective candidates


March 2019

Inform your candidate to apply for Leiden-CSC joint program (this program has higher success rate than the general CSC program)


March 2019

Apply for Leiden-CSC joint program


PhD candidate

March 2019

Information about the final admission to the CSC joint program to the prospective candidate, promotor and the GS


May/ June 2019

After admission to the CSC joint program, the normal procedure for new guest employer becomes effective:

  • Documents to prepare guest contract
  • Admission to the Graduate School of Science




PhD candidate



July 2019

July 2019

Start of contract


Begin September 2019

The Graduate School of Science is in charge of the CSC-full scholarship procedure. So if you have any questions on procedures and admission: mail or call the Graduate School Office.

For other matters on recruiting related to CSC, contact Faculty China Coordinator Yun Tian: y.tian@science.leidenuniv.nl

Visiting/exchange CSC PhD researchers:

Please also inform the Graduate School of Science of your decision on the visiting/exchange CSC PhD researchers (who will not obtain their PhD in Leiden), as CSC also require a list from Leiden. There is a separate CSC acceptance letter for visiting PhD researchers.

General information can be found on the University website:



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