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Molecular Physiology

Molecular Physiology is a research group at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry dedicated to the design, synthesis and application of chemical tools to study important biological and biomedical questions. The group is headed by Prof. Dr. Mario van der Stelt and includes the research lines of Assistant Professors Dr. Anthe Janssen, Dr. Stephan Hacker, Dr. Tom van der Wel and Dr. Madeline Kavanagh. We use techniques from different fields, including chemical biology, computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry and molecular biology, to determine and predict the interaction of small molecules with proteins in physiological and disease processes. Our long-term aim is to discover drug candidates to treat cancer, (drug-resistant) infections and brain disorders. The Molecular Physiology group is part of Oncode Institute, , Oncode Accelerator and the Leiden Early Drug Discovery & Development network.

In several multidisciplinary research lines, we combine structure-based drug design and machine learning with chemical proteomics. We use organic chemistry to synthesize activity-based probes for compound and target profiling in complex biological samples. In (inter)national collaborations with experts in cancer biology, neuroscience and pharmacology we test our molecules in preclinical models of disease. Our current projects focus on antibacterial targets, kinases and proteins involved in lipid signaling. 

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