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Unlocking the potential of small molecules in cancer therapy

How can we translate more fundamental discoveries into clinical solutions for patients? From that question, the Oncode Accelerator programme emerged. Professor of Molecular Physiology Mario van der Stelt has been one of the driving forces behind it since its inception. In an interview on the website of Oncode Accelerator, he tells more about its origins and mission.

Van der Stelt is co-lead of the Oncode Small Molecules Workstream. He emphasises the programme's ambitious goal: to revolutionise preclinical drug discovery in cancer therapeutics.  ‘Only 5% of all small molecules in clinical trials will result in a therapy; this means there’s an enormous potential to do better.’

Van Der Stelt aims to address the largest bottlenecks for small molecules: lack of efficacy and unexpected toxicity. ‘These are the major factors that make small molecule drugs fail in the clinic. This is after they’ve come a long way in the preclinical development phase.’

Want to know more?

Read the full interview with Van der Stelt on the website of Onode Accelerator.

Image: Pexels

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