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Research project

Children’s time spending and social interaction networks



The comparative and developmental study on time spending of children in India, Ghana, and the Netherlands proposed sets out to further our knowledge on the relationship between time spending and children’s development by specifically addressing three issues that each individually has been addressed insufficiently in earlier studies:

  • the activity context (with whom, what, where and why is a child involved in a particular activity),

  • the quality of the involvement (intensity and developmentally enriching input available) and

  • the consequences for children’s adaptation. Cross-cultural studies in this domain are conducted in the expectation that they augment or specify our knowledge of how cultural contexts shape the substance and rate of child development.

Examples of questions are: Do children in India spend more time on school-related tasks at home (particularly homework) than children in Ghana and the Netherlands? And is the relationship between literacy exposure and literacy development in terms of the quantity and quality of time spending comparable between the three countries?

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