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Paul Vedder

Professor emeritus Youth Care and Behavioural Problems in Youth

Prof.dr. P.H. Vedder
+31 71 527 4081

Short CV

I started my career as a primary school teacher, while studying education and psychology at Groningen University. I hold master degrees in education and in psychology.  Still In Groningen I completed my PhD with a study on cooperative learning during math lessons in primary school. I migrated to the Caribbean to study multilingual education and returned after three years to work as a research assessor and international officer at the National Institute for Educational Research in the Hague. In 1991 I started working as lecturer and researcher of cultural diversity in education at Leiden University, where I eventually was appointed professor in the Institute of Education and Child Studies.


My research group focuses on bullying, problems in foster care (break down) and problems akin to cultural diversity (acculturation conflicts, radicalization). What person characteristics and circumstances facilitate and perpetuate conflicts or problems and what preventive measures can be taken? With respect to prevention and intervention we study contact and cooperation measures.

Inaugural Lecture

2004 – Learning in a multicultural society , Universiteit Leiden.


23 March 1995: Nils-Eric Svensson stipend  for talented young scientists, awarded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation, which I used to work one semester in the Institute of International Education at Stockholm University.

PHd candidates

  • D. Hijzen - September 2006
  • M. Oortwijn - June 2007
  • M. van Geel - December 2009
  • J. Tanilon - October 2011
  • V. Ljujic - December 2011
  • R. Pat-El - Oktober 2012
  • B. Coşkun- September 2015
  • J. Fortuin - April 2016
  • R. Bapat - September 2016
  • A. Goeman - June 2017
  • W. Zwaanswijk - September 2017


  • F. el Bouk
  • N. Thakkar
  • Thijs-Jan van Schie

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Professor emeritus Youth Care and Behavioural Problems in Youth

  • Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
  • Instituut Pedagogische Wetenschappen
  • Forensische gezinsped. en Jeugdhulpverl.



  • Stichting PDO/GGZ bestuurslid
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