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Pharmacometabolomics; prediction of system-wide multi-biomarker drug response

The lack of success of new CNS drugs in clinical development is in part due to the complexity of the CNS, unexpected side effects, difficulties for drugs to penetrate the brain, but also by the lack of biomarkers.

Elizabeth (Liesbeth) de Lange



This research line, called pharmaco-metabolomics integrates PKPD modeling and metabolomics, and used the Mastermind Research Approach to obtain time-course data on drug distribution, and in parallel to metabolomics PD in different body fluids (CNS extracellular fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, plasma). Combining PKPD modeling of the drug and metabolite kinetics with statistical techniques such as Principle Component Analysis, reveal also unexpected drug effects. (Collaboration with Prof. Thomas Hankemeier and Prof. Piet Hein van der Graaf).

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