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Research project

Eurafrica: African perspectives, 1917-1970s

How did African actors engage with the idea of Eurafrica?

2017 - 2021
Anne-Isabelle Richard
NWO Veni NWO Veni

This project examines the question how African actors engaged with Eurafrica: the idea that Africa and Europe were interdependent and complementary continents.

Over the next years the European Union and various African countries are re-examining their relationship in terms of, for example, trade (Cotonou agreement is expiring in 2020) and migration. In the next few years (2017-21) I will analyse the history of the interaction between actors from these two continents relating to the concept of Eurafrica. The idea of Eurafrica suggested that Europe and Africa were interdependent and complementary continents. It has generally been examined from European, and particularly French, perspectives. It is necessary to also examine the other side of the Eurafrican idea and analyse how African actors, in particular various civil society actors from West Africa, engaged with, or rejected this idea.

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