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Panoramic: The Leiden Art Review

For twenty years, the Art History study programme had its own journal, the highly successful Decorum, which was written and edited by students. When the last editor left, the magazine ceased publication. Now, more than 20 years later, it’s time for a new Art History journal.

With the guidance of their lecturers, Elizabeth den Hartog and Laura Bertens, students in the bachelor’s course The Academic Art of Publishing are working on compiling and publishing Panoramic: The Leiden Art Review. The first two issues will appear this spring. The journals contain essays written by our bachelor’s and master’s students.

Clear picture of the diversity of education

With topics like Leonardo da Vinci, Nam June Paik, the ‘liberation skirt’ and Ukrainian folklore, the journal presents a clear picture of the diversity of education within our study programme. The new course was set up to introduce the journal as a learning method in the programme, giving students the opportunity to edit articles, write book reviews, provide the cover art, website, promotion and acquisition, and organise a concluding symposium. The two issues will be available in both printed and online format.

Crowdfunding and symposium

If you would like to order one or both issues, attend the symposium or support our project via crowdfunding, please visit our website, our crowdfunding website or follow us on Instagram or Facebook. For more information about the course or the journal, please send an email to Laura Bertens: l.m.f.bertens@hum.leidenuniv.nl or visit our website. The issues can be ordered now. The printing date is planned for 23 May. Anyone who orders one or both issues will also receive an invitation to our launch symposium on 24 May, 15.00 - 17.00!

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