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Conference 25 years of Dutch subsidy law in practice: time for innovations in public financing?

How can governments reach their policy goals in the most effective way? Which manner of financing is the most suitable? Does the spirit of our times call for new forms of subsidy? What does the future of subsidy law look like?

Taking subsidy law as its starting point, the project Financieren in Netwerken (Financing in Networks) has been the connecting factor for the past five years between academia (Staats- en bestuursrecht Universiteit van AmsterdamStaats- en bestuursrecht Universiteit LeidenTilburg University) and practice (Provincie Zuid-HollandProvincie Noord-Brabant en Provincie Gelderland) when it comes to innovative public financing. The law itself also has an anniversary this year, as the subsidy title in the Dutch General Administrative Law Act (Awb) is 25 years old.

Many interesting discussions will be held at this conference dealing with the newest forms of financing, addressing current challenges (energy transition, the role of local government, increasing civic participation). Various workshops will be held on (the application of) new financing instruments, such as vouchers, revolving funds, the Social Impact Bond, grant tables, specific grants (SPUKs), loans and warranties. Other topics such as social procurement, civic participation, and trust in network relations will also be discussed. 

For whom?
Legal professionals, policymakers and officials, financial professionals.
Please note the language of this conference is Dutch.

Time and location: 
Friday 16 June 2023
10.30 to 16.30
Wijnhaven The Hague
Turfmarkt 99

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