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Publication by Helen Duffy on Global trends in Counter-terrorism and the Implications for Human Rights in Africa

On 8 March 2023 Helen Duffy, Professor of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Leiden, published a monograph on Global Trends in Counter-terrorism and the Implications for Human Rights in Africa.

Commissioned by the Institute for Security Studies in South Africa, the study involved detailed interviews with officials, CSOs, practitioners and academics from different parts of the continent and beyond. The monograph identifies key legal and policy trends in the context of counter-terrorism (CT) and preventing violent extremism (PVE) and their profound, and growing, impact on stability, democracy, rule of law and human rights in Africa. It underscores the urgent need to recognize and grapple with the threat trends from terrorism and abusive CT – intensified by other climatic, political, economic and social trends - and to correct course. The report is intended as an invitation to reflect on threats and opportunities and to think proactively about the challenges ahead.

The report is available here.

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