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Annemarie Drahmann appointed member of the NWO complaints committee

Annemarie Drahmann, Associate Professor at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law, has been appointed as a member of the complaints committee of the Dutch Research Council (NWO). In performing this (ancillary) position, she will use her knowledge of administrative law, and in particular subsidy law, to advise the NWO. The experience gained on how subsidy law and administrative procedural law works in practice can also be used again in teaching and research.

The Dutch Research Council is one of the most important science-funding bodies in the Netherlands. It invests nearly 1 billion euros annually in research. By no means all research proposals are honoured by NWO. If someone disagrees with an NWO decision, a notice of objection can be submitted. For the assessment of these appeals NWO has established an independent complaints committee. On the basis of the appeal and a hearing, the complaints committee makes a recommendation to the NWO Governing Board, on the basis of which the Governing Board makes a decision on the objection.

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