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Four science professors receive Senior Teaching Qualification certificate

Out of fifteen Senior Teaching Qualification certificates (SKO) awarded by the University this year, four go to the Faculty of Science. With congratulations from Rector Hester Bijl, the enthusiastic lecturers receive the certificate for their exceptional commitment, skills and impact within the University.

University teachers from the Faculty of Science Frank Takes, Stefano Cucurachi, Matthijs van Leeuwen and Marcel Schaaf received the Senior Teaching Qualification certificate during an online ceremony on Thursday, January 27. 'This qualification recognizes not only that you are excellent teachers with strong teaching skills, but also that you have a clear vision of education, have a leading role in educational innovation at Leiden University, and are an inspiration and mentor to colleagues,' said chair of the SKO assessment committee Miranda van Eck in her speech.


The fact that four of the fifteen certificates go to teachers from the Faculty of Science is particularly significant. The lecturers now belong to the growing group of a total of 67 SKO graduates who received the certificate earlier. They were chosen by a committee based on the portfolio that shows how they prepare and implement education and how they make an impact on education within and outside their own organization. For example, according to the committee, the portfolio of Associate Professor Matthijs van Leeuwen showed how to train responsible data scientists who have an eye for the interdisciplinary and societal context.


Rector magnificus Hester Bijl handed out the awards and later congratulated the lecturers again on Twitter. Vice-Dean of the Faculty Bart de Smit wrote to the lecturers that he is looking forward to their next steps and let them know that his door is always open for them. 'I want to take a moment to separately emphasize how happy I am about the SKO-batch from the Faculty of Science this year. From my role, I try to organize more attention, resources and support for education, but everything hinges on the commitment and enthusiasm of our teachers. This SKO further underscores the role you play at the forefront of education at this faculty. Thank you for your great efforts!'

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