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Four Leiden professors appointed to KHMW

Four Leiden University professors have been appointed to The Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities. Andrea Evers, Erwin Muller, Sjaak Neefjes and Menno Schilthuizen will be joining the oldest ‘learned society’ in the Netherlands.

The Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW) was established in 1752 and has been working since then to build bridges between science and society. It consists on the one hand of representatives from society who are interested in science – known as directors, currently numbering around 400 – and on the other hand a group of scholars – known as members, currently number around 500. The members are responsible for the academic activities of the KHMW: awarding prizes for academic achievements, holding lecturers and producing publications.

For 2020, a total of 20 new members have been appointed, including the four Leiden professors Andrea Evers (Professor of Health Psychology), Sjaak Neefjes (Professor of Chemical Immunology) and Menno Schilthuizen (Professor of Character Evolution and Biodiversity). Erwin Muller (Professor of Safety, Security and Law, and Dean of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs), has been appointed as one of the 21 new directors. 

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