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Ilektra Antonaki awarded doctorate cum laude

On Tuesday 3 September 2019 Ilektra Antonaki was awarded a doctorate with the distinction cum laude for her dissertation on capital movements within the European Union.

The central question in the dissertation entitled ‘Privatisations and golden shares: Bridging the gap between the State and the market in the area of free movement of capital in the EU’ was : how can the free movement of capital be interpreted in a manner that creates scope for Member States to participate in the market?

In order to answer this question, first the free movement of capital in the internal market of the Union is placed in the broader context of capital liberalisation at a global level.  Second, the researcher provides an extensive and clear analysis of the legal issues that arise from the application of the free movement of capital under Article 63 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) based on the case law of the Court of Justice.

The dissertation proposes new ways to combat the asymmetry between economic and social objectives in the area of free movement of capital. It is argued that reconciliation can be achieved between the free movement of capital and social objectives through an alternative interpretation of Article 63 TFEU.

The supervisors of Ms Antonaki were Professor Stefaan Van den Bogaert and Dr Moritz Jesse. The members of the opposition committee were Professor Christa Tobler (Leiden University), Professor Pieter Van Cleynenbreugel (University of Liège), Professor Hildegard Schneider (Maastricht University), Professor Sascha Garben (College of Europe, Brugge), Professor Freya Baetens (University of Oslo) and Dr Vasiliki Kosta (Leiden University).

Ilektra Antonaki na haar cum laude promotie
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