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5 – 7 November Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace: Novel Horizons

From 5 – 7 November the The Hague Program for Cyber Norms will take place at Het Spaansche Hof in the Hague. The theme this year is Behaviour in Cyberspace: Novel Horizons.

The conference features Laura DeNardis, Myriam Dunn Cavelty, Dennis Broeders and Adam Segal as keynote speakers, five panel tracks on state and non-state/industry actors, power dynamics, institutional perspectives, regional perspectives and international law, and a panel discussion on private sector involvement in cyber norms with representatives from Microsoft and Siemens.

The Hague Programme for Cyber Norms

Cyberspace is global, but there are significant legal and normative cultural differences between nation states across the world. When these nation states encounter each other in cyberspace, or encounter non-state actors, this may lead to friction as to what appropriate behaviour is in cyberspace. This year’s conference will be the first of an annual series and will study responsible state and non-state behaviour in cyberspace from a multidisciplinary perspective. The conference is for academics, policymakers, professionals with an interest in cyber security and cyber governance.

What will the participants learn?

The participants will observe new insights and hear new points of view from a variety of disciplines and (regional) perspectives on responsible behaviour in cyberspace. Furthermore, the participants will learn about the latest cyber security research in five panel tracks on state and non-state/industry actors, power dynamics, institutional perspectives, regional perspectives, and international law. Finally, a plenary panel on private sector involvement in cyber norms with representatives from Microsoft and Siemens. In addition to public bodies and international organizations, the private sector / technology companies have been very vocal on the topic of responsible behaviour in cyberspace and the development of cyber norms. Microsoft launched the Digital Geneva Convention and is one of the co-signatories of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord. Siemens initiated the Charter of Trust, a joint charter for greater cybersecurity with several other leading companies.


Register by 1 September 2018, to take advantage of the early bird price of €200.

You can register online via the following link.

  • The registration fee includes admission to all plenary and parallel sessions, networking reception, conference dinner, lunches and coffee breaks on all three days.

If you require an invoice, please contact us before registering at c.m.oosterbaan@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

Terms & conditions when registering for this conference can be found here.

The program is in English.

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