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Book published on rewriting children’s rights judgments

Recently, Hart Publishing published the book Rewriting Children’s Rights Judgments, From Academic Vision to New Practice edited by H. Stalford, K. Hollingsworth and S. Gilmore.

This edited collection, Rewriting Children’s Rights Judgments, is the culmination of research that involved academic experts revisiting existing case law drawn from a range of jurisdictions, and redrafting judgments from a children's rights perspective. The rewritten judgments shed light on the challenges of securing children's rights within judicial decision-making and explore how developments in theory and practice can inform the legal protection of children's rights.

Prof. Ton Liefaard (Professor of Children’s Rights, UNICEF Chair in Children’s Rights) and Prof. Mariëlle Bruning (Professor of Child Law and Head of the Child Law Department of Leiden Law School) contributed to the book with an analysis of a judgment of the Dutch Supreme Court concerning  - among others - the right of the child to be heard (article 12 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child).

Rewriting Children’s Rights Judgments
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