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Four PhD Scholarships at the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies

From September 1, 2017, the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies (RIAS) will be awarding several four-year scholarships to complete a PhD in American History / American Studies. 

The Roosevelt Institute for American Studies was previously the Roosevelt Study Center, which was established in 1986 to facilitate and promote the study of American history. As of January 1, 2017, the Center was renamed the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies (RIAS). The RIAS possesses an archive and library covering 20th century US history, politics, and culture, and regularly hosts conferences, seminars and workshops on subjects in this field.

The research profile of the RIAS is the idea of the Rooseveltian Century, a broad-based concept that contrasts with similar but more established models of historical interpretation such as the Wilsonian or American Century.  This does not represent a simple collective biography of the three main Roosevelts of the 20th century (Theodore, Eleanor, and Franklin) – it is instead a historical frame through which US history, and US relations with the rest of the world, can be interpreted. In terms of domestic politics this refers to changing state-citizen relations whereby the state is an active arbiter of the socio-economic environment, promoting social justice. With regard to foreign policy, it covers the changing role of the United States in the world and its unique position as a provider of global public goods. In short, the Rooseveltian Century refers to progressive change on both national and international levels. Since it is a novel concept, the RIAS is developing a research agenda that looks to test its efficacy and its limits as a credible frame for historical analysis.

The PhD scholarships will be awarded to Ph.D.-students with a focus on either:

1. the domestic dimensions of the Rooseveltian Century: US political developments, the role of government, the relevance of the media, state-citizen relations, domestic security, religion, gender and race relations, civil rights, the environment, science, popular culture.


2. the international dimensions of the Rooseveltian Century: US foreign relations and ambitions, international organisations, hemispheric and regional relations, empire, transatlantic relations, military capabilities and global security, international law, soft power and public diplomacy, trade and finance.

More information about the four available positions can be found on the RIAS website.

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